Keepin' it Real: Start Your Day Flow<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin' it Real: Start Your Day Flow
Robert Sidoti

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Jenny S
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What a joy it is to see you back here with a brand new season of yoga! ¬†Your upbeat and encouraging demeanor always makes my day ūüĆě
Robert Sidoti
Jenny S Always a joy to see YOU here!! Hope you enjoy the practices Jenny - Happy Spring!! 
Lina S
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I'm glad you're back! A nice mental and physical break before moving on with the day.
An Y
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It's beautiful because I woke up this morning.  It's also beautiful because I am able to take your new class. 
Robert Sidoti
Hey there Lina S !!! So happy to see you here as always! 
Robert Sidoti
It's a beautiful day An Y !! Yes, we woke up, we are here to explore and to continue to create new adventures and experiences - take care of this amazing body in order to to so! See you again soon I hope! 
Catherine A
Many thanks, Robert. What a delightful way to start the day
Eric M
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This is my new go-to for when time is tight (and legs, and back). I hear you on the ‚Äėgoing to bed fine, waking up injured‚Äô - great way to put it. I always feel far more awake after the morning practice! Thanks¬†Robert Sidoti¬†
Fabian H
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Another wonderful practice:))
Kate M
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Thank you Robert! A great way to get moving at the start of the day!
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