Let's Feel Better: Back to Basics<br>Maria Villella

Let's Feel Better: Back to Basics
Maria Villella

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Martha K
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I feel better! Head to toe! Thank you
Maria Villella
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lovely stuff Maria. i've been practicing for years but always struggle to integrate breath and body - too busy getting the poses done. fantastic to have short well crafted sessions that support me slowing down and being more mindful of body and breath. Many thanks. 😀
Maria Villella
That’s great Matthew. Enjoy!!
Maria Villella
Matthew your dog is so cute!!!  Looks just like mine. I have a mini labradoodle and she’s the best. 
Jenny S
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Perfect way to waken and warm the body - these yoga bites (as I call them) are a wonderful resource when time is scarce.  Thank you for this practice Maria ❤️🙏🏻✨
Maria Villella
Jenny S you’re so welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed it. 
Kate M
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Thank you for your wonderful guidance through the Surya Namaskaras, Maria Villella ! : )
Maria Villella
Kate M you’re so welcome!!
Sandra Židan
Thanks, Maria, for making me feel better on this hot summer evening with this great practice! Namaste! ❤️🌹💖
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