Let's Feel Better: Back to Basics<br>Maria Villella

Let's Feel Better: Back to Basics
Maria Villella

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Maria Villella
Sandra Židan you are so welcome!  Stay cool
Lenise Jay
Very light and smooth! Thank you! 🧘🏾‍♀️☺️
Lina S
Nice idea to share your way to feel good. It's inspiring and I find it's a good pause during a workday.
Joanne B
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This was lovely after a run. Thank you!
Maria Villella
Joanne B lovely!  I also enjoy a run!
Glenford N
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I really enjoyed the extended downward dog and the opening up of my tired old hamstrings. I feel ready to face another exciting day. Thank you Maria!
Maria Villella
Glenford N great!  I hope your day turned out magical!
Glenford N
Thanks Maria. The perfect way to wind down for sleep after an intense day. Namaste.
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