20-Minute Yoga Flows: Recipe for Joy<br>Justin Randolph

20-Minute Yoga Flows: Recipe for Joy
Justin Randolph

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M Angela C
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Thank you for this practice Justin!  Cues were great and the convertible and brake dance references made me smile. I feel awake, joyous and energetic after this practice. Thank you!
Jenny S
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Welcome Justin!  Wow…this practice was A-MA-ZING! First of all, this was 20 minutes of yoga that was jam-packed with so much goodness but it never felt rushed.  I loved the way we started with relaxed breathing before the flow.  This immediately calmed my monkey mind.  Your gentle demeanor and precise but fun cuing swept me along, and before I knew it I was rocking wild thing and fallen triangle like a kid again.  Seriously, those are poses I don’t usually enjoy to be honest.  I am so looking forward to the rest of this season - thank you! 🙏🏻❤️
Justin R
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Thank you so much Jenny! This makes me so happy to hear!! It sounds like you found alll the joy!! I'm so glad you enjoyed and I look forward to you practicing with me for the rest of the season!  Thank you! 🙏 
Justin R
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Thank you M Angela C! I'm so glad you found the joy in the practice and it left you feeling refreshed and energized! 
Sarah-Jane Stephens
After a full day working in the garden this was PERFECT ! What a lot we accomplished in 20 mins. Can’t wait to do number 3 !
Justin R
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Sarah-Jane Stephens I'm so gad you enjoyed it!  I find it amazing how rich and full of a yoga practice we can find in 20 minutes. I would consider working in the garden to also be a yoga practice in and of itself as well-one of my favorite activities. Thank you for practicing with me. 
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I loved the pulsing in the low lunge, felt so good on my hip flexors. Thank you for such a sweet package of a class. 
Justin R
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Angel Thank you! So glad you enjoyed class, and I agree the low lunge pulse is magical for the hip flexors. :)
Charlie S
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Thank you for this practice. I have been ill and so it’s been quite a few days since I have been able to get myself to my mat, I am so happy that I made it today and found your practice. I feel the joy. 

Justin R
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Charlie S I'm so glad you were able to feel the joy, especially after being ill.  I'm grateful that you chose to practice with me and look forward to you joining me more. 
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