20-Minute Yoga Flows: Recipe for Joy<br>Justin Randolph

20-Minute Yoga Flows: Recipe for Joy
Justin Randolph

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Christel B
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Lovely ,well balanced practice!  PCH brought back memories!  Had to think for a moment to recall it.  I used to bicycle San Diego to Oceanside on the southern part of it.  We called it Highway 101 back then.
Kelly B
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Ooooh boy I was dragging myself to the mat today, and this was the absolute perfect practice to remind me why it’s worth rallying (even if you don’t want to!). You are a lovely teacher, with simple, effective cues that are full of fun visual imagery. I’m so glad you’re here, and looking forward to the rest of this season with you!
What is the PCH?
Christel B
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(PCH) Pacific Coast Highway is what I know it as.
Kate M
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Thank you, Justin! Welcome to the YogaAnytime fam!!
Lovely flow. Amazing what can happen in just 20 minutes!
Justin R
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Kate M thank you so much for the warm welcome! And thank you for practicing with me!
Justin R
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Kallipais Pacific Coast Highway. It’s the most beautiful drive along the Southern California coast. 
Justin R
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Christel B ❤️ thank you for practicing with me! Oh gosh that bike ride sounds like a wonderful memory.
Justin R
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Kelly B you made my day. I so often feel the struggle to get on my mat, and I always have to remind myself that I’ve never regretted practicing, no matter how hard it is. So I’m so glad this class could be a catalyst to an energetic shift. I look forward to practicing with you more!
Lina S
A fun class for sure! I like the way you integrated movement within the poses and how you linked the poses.
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