Practical Magic: Core of Clarity<br>Kelly Sunrose

Practical Magic: Core of Clarity
Kelly Sunrose

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Kelly Sunrose
Thanks so much, Simon and Pat!
Sending much love to you both.
Om Shanti Om!
Joan J
Kelly, LOVE this slow, mindful practice, wonderful for my hips and low back. I so enjoy this type of practice, where I have time to lavish in the sensations of movement and ease. Love the undulations of different moves and shapes. I have a sensitive, painful low back and very tight hips (need blocks), this got me to a place of opening and new space.
This will be an every day session for me.
Question: I did get cramping in my left hamstring, how can I ease that?
Thank you for a blissful sessionšŸ’œ
Kate M
No boredom here - ! So much to explore... thank you for leading us in this deep exploration.
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