Freedom Yoga Immersion: Five Steps of Meditation
Erich Schiffmann

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Excellent! Thank you, Erich!!
thank you for watching, and thank you for saying, Jennifer :)))
this series is awesome.... in week one meditation you said there were 5 steps... get aligned, get still, follow the breath, but I am not sure what steps 4 and 5 are? thanks
Hi Kimberley, I may not have said what they were :))))
But yes, 1) is get the alignment of your body just right, 2) is become still by relaxing, 3) is feel the ripple of your breathing rippling through your increasingly relaxed body, 4) is feel the energy that you are made of, and 5) is listen. Pay attention to what you find yourself Knowing when you do this:)))
Have fun with this. Be in learning mode. It is such an interesting practice. Thanks for watching, writing. Peace.
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Thank you so much, this is such a freeing way to move into meditation. Your openness in communication is inspiring and I am loving the series.
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Namaste Erich! I am thoroughly enjoying your series. This is a wonderful guided meditation. Your voice is easy to listen too. Thank you for your series, I have appreciated all that I have heard and look forward to hearing them all. Peace and Love
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Amazing. I felt like I was able to tap into that place of deep inner stillness while listening to you the whole time. There is a real art to this and I would love to be able to share it with my students!
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thank you. i love exploring these five steps. it gives such a gentle structure to meditation.....yet still frees one from mantra or strong mental focus....i like its soft watching quality
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I attended that class and I Love ❤️ this Format!
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Thank you Erich Schiffmann ! It is a pleassure to have you as a Teacher and learn so many wonderful things.
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