Freedom Yoga Immersion: Guided Asana, Day 1<br>Erich Schiffmann

Freedom Yoga Immersion: Guided Asana, Day 1
Erich Schiffmann

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Pauline K
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I love Erich and have had the pleasure of studying with him over the years. Great to hear his voice again! I had a hard time with the video in the start,his head is not in the camera shot.
Barbara C
Loved the video but not too pleased how the video stopped before the class ended
Kira Sloane
HI Barbara, glad you are here. Where did the video stop for you? It ends with E in a squat and then the next episode begins the Freedom Practice. Thanks so much for helping us troubleshoot. Love K
Claudia Jean
I enjoyed the pattern for TV watching. Now if I can only remember to do it regularly instead of lounging on the sofa!
Helen K
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Just found this one. So grateful! Thank you
Sarah N
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Wow wows wow. The awareness of my physical body expanded into pure energy.Doing the abdominal barrels rolls felt like I was influencing movement in the cosmos. That’s the only way I can put words to it. Blessings and Gratitude 🙏🏼
Gabriel K
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Feels amazing
Melissa C
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my head was so buoyant at the end of 10 head positions. gonna def do the tv patterns. omg the cosmic grounded pose was cosmic and far out!!! thank you.
Sara S
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On the first day, I could only do half of the day. The feeling of sickness overpowered me. Today, completely different. I truly felt introduced to myself 
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