Freedom Yoga Immersion: Guided Asana, Day 1<br>Erich Schiffmann

Freedom Yoga Immersion: Guided Asana, Day 1
Erich Schiffmann

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Nichi G
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Really enjoyed this but the video finished before the class did?
Sarah Beston
Hi there Nichi, glad you are here. At the end of this Episode, Erich takes us into the next part of the immersion, the Freedom Yoga Practice, or what he sometimes calls the Freeform chapter. We are going to edit out the part where he left everyone dangling in Uttanasana and got the music ready and include that in the Freedom Yoga episode so that it is more clear. Thank you for helping us clarify!
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Christy M
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I'm so glad to virtually practice with Erich; it's been a long time. This is good stuff-- really, really. 1995 I did Erich and Ali McGraw video about 200 times as my intro to yoga and haven't turned my back on yoga since. Thank you, and virtual hugs (or kisses as you prefer).
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Ditto Christy. It wasn't my intro to yoga but it was my intro to Erich also and have been following him ever since. Still haven't met him in person since I live in Ontario, Canada. Hopefully get to Cali in the not too distant future. Cheers!
Doug G
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patdev, did you know that Erich goes to Feathered Pipe Ranch each summer and teaches there for a week in July? Feathered Pipe is in Montana, we live in Saskatchewan and drive down. He is also in BC at the SOYA Weekend Retreat this June but that one might be tough to get into at this point. Hope you get to meet him and soon!
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Thank you Doug Geiger!! Very kind of you. :) I was signed up to see him at Kripalu last year, which is not too far to drive, but got snowed in so had to cancel. Then I was going to go to a gathering in Houston (flight booked and all) but my mother (93)
became very ill. Anyway, when the time is right the student
arrives I guess haha!! Be well and Blessings to you and yours.
Katherine E
Thank you, Erich for being here. This is so wonderful. I am so happy to practice with you. Love and peace.
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thank you Erichji...
afterwards the air really does sparkle
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` Om shanti.
Adi F
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Beautiful practice. Thank you :)
Jaymie H
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Enjoyed this practice very much. Thank you and Namaste
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