Keepin` it Real: Morning Practice for Beginners
Robert Sidoti

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Heidi, are you still with us here at Yoga anytime? I'd love to hear from you, see how your practice is coming along!
With respect, Robert
Sharon, Are you still here with us? I never replied to your comment, would love to hear from you, see how your practice is coming along:) Thank you for your sweet comment, Robert
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Love the encouragement Robert gives throughout the lesson :)
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Thank you Robert! I’m just returning to Yoga Anytime in this Corona virus lockdown!! Ahmazing class and just what I needed! Breathe! Namaste!
Welcome home Louisa :)) Nice to have you back. Bummer about this virus because of all it has affected and will continue to affect - otherwise it's a pretty amazing time (if not negatively affected) The slowing down, the time at home, projects, reading, more yoga, outdoors exploring, cooking new meals and so on - a nice reboot and reset for those who are able to. Please keep me updated on how you're feeling in these classes, love to hear about it! Lotsa love, Robert
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You are such an amazing teacher.  Thank you, for all of the explanations in your practice. It really helps the way I learn. I've been practicing for 15 months. This practice taught me how to make easier transitions through some of the poses. So much gratitude! Thank you!!!!
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Dear Robert, many thanks for the wonderful teachings, me and my partner are enjoying all your challenges and series , please keep them coming Namaste ~ 
My pleasure Dawn and I appreciate you sharing your progress here with us! Have a beautiful day, Robert :)
Hey there Paulina  - so good to hear from you and so happy these practices are working for you and your partner!! I will continue to show up and create - see you there :) Robert 
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Hi Robert I'm excited to share this beginners practice with my 22 year old son - who has found interest in Yoga and meditation :) 
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