Keepin` it Real: Dynamic Core Flow<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin` it Real: Dynamic Core Flow
Robert Sidoti

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Julie W
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Love this guy!!! Great work out and love the way he talks to his students!! From a 60 yr. old lady trying to keep it Real!!
Rylla R
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Great class Robert - loved the challenge and the "warm down," especially the leg twist and working with the breath to let the shoulder come down toward the ground. THANKS!
Robert Sidoti
Julie and Rylla, So glad you are enjoying the practice! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, it is much appreciated:)
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how is this level 2/3? starts out so slow....
Robert Sidoti
Siren, Sorry if level 2/3 was misleading for you. It's very difficult to label classes with levels, there is such a wide variety of people out there with varying abilities etc. This may very well be a level 2/3 for some. I will say that faster is not always harder or a higher level:) Hope you can find what you're looking for! Have a beautiful day!

Kira Sloane
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Siren, love. Just to back up Robert, we find that no two understandings of a level are the same. You can see how we try to assign placement here:
// evel
Pace and level are sometimes confusing, so we also organize by pace: // ce
Glad you are here. xokira
Oskars L
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Love it! Newer done yoga before. But this is fantastic! It feels a lot more effective than pushing handles and mechanics. I hate gyms and cross runnings. But yoga feels much more natural and very effective replacement. And I can do it whenever I want :)
Diana P
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I became a turtle haha :)
This was a fun class! I definitely worked up a sweat and I feel super relaxed now.. Thanks, Robert!
Bihter I
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All your beautiful and positive energy really comes through in your videos. Thank you so much for sharing your practice with us, it personally makes my day. As hard as some of them are, just like you say, nobody can do this better than me for me.
Thanks again, namaste.
Sam S
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great short and sweet class to energise me - thanks so much. love your informative yet chilled out cues. Especially love the turtle shell cue haha. thanks namaste
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