Keepin` it Real: Rock Your Day<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin` it Real: Rock Your Day
Robert Sidoti

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Jane K
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This was a great morning workout to get my heart rate flowing. I'll be feeling this in my arms and back later!
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Perfect start to a Monday morning - thanks!
Robert Sidoti
You're welcome Jaeroe!!
Glad it felt good for you Jane!
Venessa M
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What was the towel pose u were going to show???
Robert Sidoti
Hey Vanessa Mintel ... Great question! If you stand on the towel/yoga blanket etc... It's a combo between sun saluation and burpee:) You slide back into plank and slide back up with knees tucked, great for core! Hope this makes sense.
Diane N
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loved it! adding it to my favourite's list...definitely HIIT it well
Nili M
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Hi Robert, that was awesome thank you. I'm a newbie to yoga but love tabatha training. The combination is fantastic!!!
Laura T
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That was beautiful. Thank you..
Diana J
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Great way to start the morning. Thank you Robert.
Marisa W
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This is a great low impact cardio sequence that definitely gets the heart rate up. With the stretches as well it makes a perfect addition to my morning. Thanks for the positive energy and encouragement just when it gets hard!
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