Keepin` it Real: Rock Your Day<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin` it Real: Rock Your Day
Robert Sidoti

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Linda B
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Hi Robert Sidoti, I was looking for a yoga sequence to get the blood going. Your video is great to get the blood pumping and strengthen. I felt like this sequence was a cross between a gym class with yoga postures added into the mix or gym moves that were modified into yoga postures. If that was the idea you did a great job!
Robert Sidoti
Yes Linda , that's exactly the intention ... How can we blend the two worlds of yoga and fitness seamlessly to get the benefits of both:)) Low impact, strong, mindful and moderate movements. stretching, breathing etc... So happy it worked for you!
Virginia M
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Robert, loved this workout. Got my heart rate up without hurting my back, knees or Hammies. Still feeling great a few hours later. The mods for HIIT were super. I'm 66 and can't rock it like I used to!
Robert Sidoti
Yes Virginia , but you can still rock it out apparently!! I love that you're able to get the heart pumping and feel awesome without feeling hurt or that it's too much... I always want these practices to be repeatable, reasonable, effective and safe! Keep on keepin on my friend!
Susan J
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Like Virginia 'm a golden oldie. The HIIT sessions were hard but I did my best. Thanks for the clear explanations Robert.
Janet L
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10s.... 10 s.... 10s yuhuuuuuuu!!!! done!
Meredith H
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Thanks again for this video - it's now my morning cardio go-to during our lockdown.
Robert Sidoti
So good to hear Meredith !! Been awhile since I watched or practiced this one - maybe I’ll do it today - could use a boost of energy right now!! Hope you’re doing well wherever you are! Thanks for practicing with me here 🤟🏽🧘‍♀️
Rebecca B
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Wow. What a guy! His mom must be proud 
Robert Sidoti
Hi Rebecca !! This is one of the shortest and sweetest messages/comments I’ve seen here :)) 
Means lore then you know, thank you and so happy you’re here with us! 🙏🏽🤟🏽☀️
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