Our Practices: Erich's Personal Practice
Erich Schiffmann

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loving the bird flying past at very end while your sounds emerge...breath with flight, woooooo...shhhhhhh!!! xx
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Wow! I loved watching how you went part of the way and then went deeper. Flowing. I kept looking for the lines of energy, it was amazing. The ending was great, I laughed. Thank you,
Erich for sharing so much.
Ahhh Erich- so beautiful!
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Erich! Did you have fun practicing with ME tonight? Because I sure had fun practicing with YOU! Thank you for sharing your lovely self with us. I really enjoyed this in lieu of dinner tonight (I'd be nibbling more than enough while cooking anyway). Can't wait to come back for me. I played MC Yogi in the background, and it was Just Right for this time. Thank you thank you! PEACE! <two palms up>
Hi Francie :)))
yes, let's do it again
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Hello Erich,

I have been riding a pretty high emotional state for a week (a positive one, but wow). None of all the yoga I know has helped me calm my self. And this morning, just sitting there in my morning meditation attempt, I saw you sitting just next to me, with your soooo cool and calming presence, saying "its gonna be ok, dont worry", with a big smile. And for a few minutes, it worked!!
So, a big virtual thanks for that ;-D

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I enjoyed this very much because I spend a lot of time doing my own "practice" yet never gave myself much credit for it because I wouldn't frequent many "official (ha ha)' poses. I appreciated the almost free-form dynamism...a reminder to me that my own practice is very much a practice too. Inspired by poses, but exploring where my body want to push, pull, open, surrender into whats there are ready to awaken. Mmmmmm.
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Love this !
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