Asana Studies: Loosey Goosey Shoulders<br>Heidi Fokine

Asana Studies: Loosey Goosey Shoulders
Heidi Fokine

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Marcia D
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Really excellent!!! Thank you
Maureen L
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My first class w/ Heidi and I loved it! Just what these shoulders needed after 2 days of working in the garden..Not only 'loosey, goosey' shoulders, but I love her loose, playful cueing and demeanor as she taught. Will come back to this one again!
Heidi Fokine
Hiya and Thanks!! xoxoHeidi
Anne J
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How fun is this!? Lovely sequence, elegant instruction, the whole package. So enjoyed!!
Kelly Sunrose
Such a wonderful practice, Heidi. Your approaches to trikonasana are game-changers! SO spacious!
Thank you so much for sharing.
Shannon C
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Loved this class - thanks Heidi for sharing some fun and new ways to think about asana.
Simon ?
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A really releasing practise Heidi. Fun and expansive. Blessings.
Heidi Fokine
happy you liked the class Simon :)
Frederic M
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Thanks Heidi for this wonderful practice. I feel amazing!
Heidi Fokine
yay!! thanks for tuning in :)
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