Good Morning Yoga: Flowing with Inspiration
Alana Mitnick

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As usual, Alana uplifted me with this class. I'm ready to face the day. Thanks!
Hi Tracy, So glad to be in this together! Have a beautiful day.
Great start of the day!
Hi Johanna! So glad you enjoyed the practice. Have a wonderful day!
EXACTLY what I needed this morning. Thank you so much!
Hi Stefani! I'm so glad to be in this together. Thank you for being here! Enjoy. :)
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You're a great teacher Alana! Thank you and greetings from London
Hello Claudia, I am so delighted to know that we are practicing together! Warm greetings from Ojai, California.
Thanks Alana, wonderful practice. The final twist was especially sweet!
Hi Frederic, I'm so glad you enjoyed the practice. It's wonderful to know that we are practicing together. Enjoy! ~ Alana
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