Inner Workings: Open the Neck and Shoulders<br>Kira Sloane

Inner Workings: Open the Neck and Shoulders
Kira Sloane

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Zoe Ho
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Beautiful! And the funnest + funniest shoulder class I've ever taken... "re-stretch, not re-press" hahahahaha!! xo
Cheryl W
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Very enjoyable and gentle yet thorough. Great.
Lizzy R
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Thank you so much....just what I needed this morning. Thank you for the tender gift!
Kira Sloane
Dearest Cheryl and Elizabeth, thank you for exploring together. xok
Linda S
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Thank you Kira - this is the best opening stretch to start my day with :) I love your approach to Yoga, it's the best ever :)
Tesa Urbonaite Dunn
Lovely!!! Strong sense of prana this practice. Thank you dear Kira. Best for you and the upcoming crib. I will be at a dear friend's son's wedding. I hope to make it next year;) Love to Angle Brownie if you see her. xoxo
Petra L
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Oh Kira, you crack me up! That last stretch is sticky and juicy, and the way you present just make me laugh. Thanks for sharing! You are a great inspiration...the only reason I joined since you have no new videos on lulubandha. namaste Petra (spain)
Kira Sloane
Petra! So glad you are here! There are so many great people here for you to meet and practice with. xok
Maia C
first video..enjoyed it..being a hairdresser it really helps with my hands :)
Ted J
Loved the Swamp Monster / Hallelujah sequence and the hand stretches.
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