Moving Smart: Deconstructing Dancer Pose
Trina Altman

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Thanks Ruth Henriquez Lyon for the positive feedback! I'm so glad this class opened up new ways of working for you in your practice:)
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Good stuff! enjoyed your class starting with dancer on the ground and working up.
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Thanks Christel ! I’m so glad you enjoyed the class!
This was such an adventure. It is so good to go on a little trip into the unknown. Most often in my practice I am moving in ways that are very familiar to me. This was fantastic. Really amazing exploration of Dancer's Pose. Wow. Thank you!
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I’m so happy you enjoyed this class Kate! Thank you for the positive feedback.
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Thank you so much! My SI joint discomfort has improved so much in such a short time! All that internal rotation hip work saved my day :)
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Hi Jennifer, I am so happy to hear that this class helped improve your SI joint discomfort! Thank you for taking the time to let me know:) 
thank you I enjoyed this deconstruction and strength work. The video is tagged somatics can you tell me what part of the practice was somatics? I'm not sure I completely understand the definition so I may have missed that part
Hi Gabrielle , Thanks for your question. This class doesn’t contain any somatic sequences. That’s a mistake in the class description. My Deconstructing Gate Pose class does have a side lying somatic sequence. It’s from the book called Somatics by Thomas Hanna. 
Gabrielle my Pigeons That Walk and Slide class also has a Somatic sequence from Feldenkrais. 
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