30 Minute Yoga Flows: Flow and Glow
Sarah Beston

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Lovely practice. Thank you. 
Thanks for practicing with me today, Gabriel W! Warmly, Sarah
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Doing this practice with my brother. I'm intermediate, he's just starting at 50 and we both love your class and are following it up. 
You have good detailing giving us little dependency to follow up on screen. 
Thank you for your energy.  
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Sarah Beston Refreshed, Revived, Renewed - great practice :) 
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So wonderful to hear, Ramzi M! I’m happy to be practicing with both you and your brother here on Yoga Anytime. Please keep me posted on your journey. Warmly, Sarah
Thank you for sharing your experience, Cheryl Wray! Blessings, Sarah
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LOVED this short, balancing, revitalising and energising practice - just what I needed this morning that I was feeling low, tired and not quite myself, so thank you! so much! Your practices are just fab Sarah :)
I am so happy to hear, Patricia! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the practice and glad to be practicing with you here. Have a wonderful weekend!
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I am really enjoying your sessions, Sarah. Your instructions are clear and love the flow! Thank you!!
I am so happy to hear, Laurie A! It's a pleasure to be practicing with you here ... please keep me posted! Warmly, Sarah
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