The Vinyasa Show: For the Love of Hips
Rosemary Garrison

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Thank you Rosemary!  I still chuckle to think of the frog pose - it's so spot on - I will definitely let you know how my adventures with returning to my inner amphibian in concert with my neighborhood frogs goes!
Please do, Beth !
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Thank you Rosemary. I always feel that time devoted to my hips soothes my whole being. This was a deeply peaceful way of easing into openness.
Thank you, Ali The hips hold so much, don't they? It IS soothing to open them deeply. Thanks for that wise reflection.
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This was exactly the practice I needed today, for both my body and my mind. Thank you, Rosemary, for being consistently excellent and helping me on my journey.
Thank you very much, Rosemary, for this wonderful practice! Kind regards! ❤️
Thank you for this warm feedback, Kelly B . It truly means so much. I hope your journey is joyous and peaceful as of late. 
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