The Ashtanga Practice: Breaking Down the Suns
Sarah Lowe

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Hi Charri! So glad you found it useful!
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Hi, I'm kinda new to Yoga Anytime. Just had a look at this video and it seems like a great tutorial explaining the posture in great detail. Will the rest of the series be like this? I'm just wondering, is this a series for someone to watch alongside practicing Ashtanga or Vinyasa yoga elsewhere, in order to take the time to gain insight into the practices? I confess that I joined Yoga Anytime in order to be able to start practising yoga at home but am at a bit of a loss as to what show to get going with.
Hi Eva! So glad you've joined us! You can do whatever you like - sometimes I find it helpful simply watching a practice to get a feel for it. The Ashtanga series is great because it's a fixed routine so it won't take long to recognize the pattern.
Hi Eva! Welcome! In addition to tutorials and lessons, we offer a number of classes that are meant to be practiced right at home. You can find these within the Ashtanga Show with Sarah and others. If you tell me what you are seeking I can better direct you. Love, Kira
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A very well explained tutorial but I don't understand why Ashtanga insists on doing the poses at such a speed. I find it off putting and it never gives on the time to really get into the poses correctly - at least if you are an older person like me!
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Susan, you are correct that speed seems to be an element of the Ashtanga practice and has more of an appeal to a younger demographic. Let me know if you are having trouble finding slower more investigative practices here. There are plenty. You might like Nathan of Season 2 of YogaRx. He's deeply into the details and slow exploration.
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Thank you for the suggestion. I will have a look at this season of YogaRx as well as continue with David Garigues Ashtanga tutorials which are excellent. I have to persevere with the Ashtanga as it is part of my teacher training programme.
Susan, if Ashtanga is part of your training, you might also like Mark Robberds. You can study with him in his show, Practice with Mark
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Loved the educational philosophy and taking me through the pose step by step. 
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