Too Tight to Stretch: Stiff Neck and Shoulders
Alana Mitnick

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Wonderful news, TS. It's so true! Take good care and keep me posted. ~ Alana
Lovely teacher, great instruction
Hi Sharon, I'm delighted that know that we are practicing together. Thank you for being here! ~ Alana
What a a great class! I love your sweet, kind and calm way of teaching! I look forward to tomorrow's good morning class! Greetings from Scandinavia!

Hi Laura, Thank you for tuning in from Scandinavia! I am so glad that you enjoyed the practice. See you tomorrow morning! :) ~ Alana
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I'm glad I found this lesson, withI suffrom upper body nerve pain, get a lot of stiffness in my neck and shoulders, so this works wonders for me. Thank you, Alana
Hi Elle, I am so glad to hear that this practice offered some relief. I find that it works wonders for me too. So delighted that you are here on Yoga Anytime. Best wishes, Alana
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Png this every day until I find relief ...thank you, Alana, it's fab
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My shoulders and neck are saying "thank you". Exactly what I needed, and I love the wall cleaning practice
Wonderful news, Silke. So delighted that this practice brought some relief for the shoulders and neck... wall cleaning feels so good and freeing! xoA
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