Too Tight to Stretch: Feel Better Fast
Alana Mitnick

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I love this sequence for its cool variations, especially the quarter Sun Salutations because the full one is too challenging for me. And the variation side plank is easier and a wonderful stretch! That "kick stand" leg is a fun description. Thank you, Alana!
Namaste ~ Jacqueline
Hi Jacqueline! I'm so delighted to be practicing together. I really enjoy the side plank variation as well... yes, wonderful stretch all around. Thank you for being here, and please continue to keep me posted on your journey! Namaste and love, Alana Mitnick
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I am always grateful for this class, it is the best when you are feeling a bit 'under par' but still need to stretch and get yourself going. It really does get you off to the start or re-boot that you want/need, but in the gentlest of ways. Great class, thank you!
Hi Emfortee, I'm so happy this practice helps. For me, one of the hardest parts is just starting... and once I get going I always feel better. So glad you are here! Love, Alana
You are so right about "starting" being the most most challenging of the practice. I know I feel great when and after I do it. Why I fight the "start," I will never understand:) . Thank you for this practice Alana!
Hi Tesa Urbonaite Dunn! I can so relate with all of this. I am continually amazed how the practice of yoga welcomes us home to ourself again and again. So happy to be on this path together. xoA
Hi Alana - I've been a YogaAnytime member for several months and I've watched this video several times as it really is an easy practice for a day when I wake up kind of achy. I did it this morning and it helped me truly feel better today! Thank you!
Hi Beth - I am so happy to hear that this practice has brought you some relief. Stay with it and keep me posted. Wishing you a beautiful day. Warmly, Alana
I felt like the "tin man" this morning and this practice is just what I needed to get a release in my joints. Thanks
Hi jean - I love your analogy of the "tin man"... very true. I'm so glad that you found some relief in your joints. Stay with it! Warmly, Alana
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