Get a Backbone: Fluid in the Spine
Kate Smith

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Beautiful practice!
I especially loved the imagery of "move like a jellyfish or an amoeba." Pure sweetness.
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Thank you so much, Kelly. What a pleasure to hear from you. Much love coming out to you, Sister.
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what a nice "wake up the spine" practice to do on this dark and rainy morning I'm having. also loved the instruction about letting go of the neck and head: "be brave." hadn't thought of it that way before--very helpful.
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Great to hear, Marleen! So appreciate your time and feedback. Sending some bright, sunny love your way, my friend. ;)
ahhhh!!! So fun! Super yummy feeling my jellyfish-ness :) Thank you Kate xxx
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Thank you, Misty Eve Hannah! So glad we were able to practice together ;). Love flowing to you.
Kate, just what I'm looking for. I'm currently under chiropractic care, upper cervical, Atlas only. I'm looking for a spinal routine to keep my Atlas in alignment. Excellent work.
Great, Laurie. Glad it helped. The altar of the yogi is the spine. That's what one of my teachers always says. I like keeping that in mind on a daily basis when I go to the mat. The spine is so so amazing and so so important. May you be best friends with your spine! ;)
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Thank you for relaxing my earlops, my eyebrows and tip of my nose ... so funny. Also thank you for not being the breathe policy, all this small words made me smile, and I love to smile, laugh and have fun during practising. They way you moved the spine in all fours is wonderful ... thank you again.
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I cannot thank you enough for creating this practice. As a Vinyasa yoga teacher myself, I am used to a rigorous fast sweaty practice. But after starting a full-time job, my low back has really taken a toll, and this kind of practice is not necessarily beneficial to me in the same way. When one is in pain, it is so difficult to act lovingly. This practice helped me to connect positively and lovingly to my spine, so I can truly be the conduit for my own healing, and the place where love flows. Thank you thank you thank you for this healing practice. I can't wait to return!
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