Yin Yoga: Begin to Yin
Kira Sloane

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My first time trying yin. Wonderful class. Thanks Kira
Tracy! Welcome here and happy to hear! xok
Lovely practice Kira. Thank you!
It was suggested to me to practice more Yin Yoga. Glad I found a great teacher. Thank you very much.
Glad you're here, Curtis! LoveK
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Okay, WOW. That was pure magic. All this time, I thought my practice had to be in some sort of constant motion to be beneficial. Yet here I am, soaking up how wonderful that felt! You've made me a believer in Yin Yoga
Stacie ! So happy.
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I really enjoyed it! Thank you
Happy you are here, Silvia. xok
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Kira, Thank You, that was freeing and I am grateful for the impact on my awareness.
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