Yoga Power Hour: Heart Strings and Hamstrings
Mary Dana Abbott

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Absolutely loved the flow! I've been practicing for over 20 years and I was introduced to 2 new postures. Suggestion: given this a 2/3 audience, calling the posture would really help in establishing a more fluid flow. Thank you so much for sharing your practice and experience with me.
Thank you Michelle for practicing with me and sharing your feedback!
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Yahoo! Like Michelle, I'm a longtime yogi and am delighted that Mary Dana's creativity and insight taught me some new things -- while drawing me deeply into a juicy practice. I don't always understand your unique cues but I'm marking this one "Favorite."
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Fantastic practice! Thank you!
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I have practiced for about 15 years and in last couple months have almost felt burned out with yoga. Nothing has seemed new or interesting till today. This was such an interesting class from beginning all the way to even the last pose of arms under legs during seated forward fold. Thank you for the great class. I agree cueing was a little different but loved the class
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Wow. What a great practice. Thank you.
Great sunrise practice today! Thanks!
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The challenging flow with the variety of variations was welcomed by my body. Although challenging, there is a softness to her cueing that allowed for a spacious, dance-like flow.
Thank you!
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Very powerful practice 🙏🏼 thank you
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