30 Minute Yoga Flows: Supple Spine
Sarah Beston

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Hi Karolina ! So happy to be practicing together on Yoga Anytime! All the best!
Hi Diane , aren't dancing camels fun? Camel Pose doesn't always feel great in my body, so I find these feel better in my spine and back. Thank you for being here!
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Really liked the practice - thank you. Looking forward to the second one.
Hi Sam, I am so happy to hear you liked the practice! Definitely let me know how the others go. Love and blessings, Sarah
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wow! i LOVED this class! perfect way to start the day and get off to work with a spring in the step...really pleased this is a new show...thank you!
Hi Emfortee ! I LOVE that you got off to work with a spring in the step! Thank you for being here and practicing with me on Yoga Anytime!
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Beautiful practice with excellent instruction. Perfect level 2 flow. I will follow the rest of the episodes for this season. Thank you Sarah.
Hi Amy! Thanks so much for being here and I'm happy to be sharing yoga together here! All the best!
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This was really good 😊. Happy back. BTW well cued. 💫
Hi Susan! Thanks for being here and so glad your back is happy! All the best, Sarah
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