10-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 4: Observe Your Sensations
Rosemary Garrison

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Still loving this meditation practice and wouldn't it be great if there was a challenge which combined 20 minute yoga flows plus 10 minutes meditation. The perfect way to start the day. Namaste
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like others, i'm still returning to this great series. many thanks. any thoughts about a 15 min challenge series maybe?
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I like the way you think, Matthew !
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Finding stillness and quiet in my mind has been a difficult challenge for me since having a child and adult responsibilities, this day 4 I was able to watch my labelled thoughts pass by on the stream and find quiet and thus peace (for however long it lasts). Thank you for these beautiful moments
I am so happy to hear this, Whitney . Those moments are so precious... and of course, help with all the other less than peaceful moments. I hope you continue to enjoy. 
Thank you, Matthew . 15 minutes is a fabulous idea... we'll see what we can create. 
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I'm fairly new to meditation. 3rd month practicing, I believe. Thank you, for this challenge. Its getting easier. I cry almost every time I practice. I notice a sharp pain in the body. Not always the same place. It moves around. And usually paired with extreme heat being released from my body. I am familiar with emotional release from being a bodyworker for 20 years. I'm surprised that it happens with meditation. I wish I started years ago...lol. But its perfect just as it is. Thank you! 
Thank you so much for this wise reflection, Dawn . I am amazed by what can happen physically in meditation as well. I sometimes have more powerful releases/ changes in meditation than I do with asana. Astonishing! The magic of the subtle body. Yes, perfect as it is... beautiful approach. Be well. 
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I love this series so much. Find myself returning to it often. Thank you!
Thank you, Katrina ! That's wonderful to hear. I hope you continue to enjoy. Be well. 
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