45 Minute Yoga Flows: Grounding Flow<br>Dana Slamp

45 Minute Yoga Flows: Grounding Flow
Dana Slamp

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Jenny S
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This was challenging for me and my 55 year old body...however, now that I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in meditation with you and hearing your lovely voice chanting, I feel super grounded and I’m not at all concerned about whether or not I was able to master the more advanced poses. Looking forward to the rest of the season!
Dana Slamp
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Hi Jenny - Thanks so much for the feedback! And it sounds like the practice had it’s desired effect. Stay grounded, and see you next week for show 2! Grateful, Dana
Christel B
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What fun to meet a new challenging pose, that of the elephant's trunk.
Dana Slamp
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Thanks Christel - It’s great for strength! Warmly, Dana Slamp
Emily S
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You have a lovely style of teaching and have brought a depth to my practice I've been challenged to find using online videos
Dana Slamp
Thanks so much for the positive feedback, Emily . That is high praise - and I think you will love the coming classes! Grateful, Dana
Linda Baffa
Thank you for the beautiful practice, Dana! It was so thoughtfully and creatively sequenced- and I especially loved the opportunity to explore poses I haven't done IN YEARS! Namaste~
Dana Slamp
Yay! Thanks Linda Baffa Yes, remember when we used to do seated poses in yoga? ;) I hope you’re feeling grounded and well. Thanks for the encouraging feedback & I will see you soon on the mat! Warmly, Dana Slamp
Rachel B
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This was lovely. The practice was so engaging and I love the chanting and harmonium at the end. I do wish you would create a 20 minute morning practice . . . .
Dana Slamp
Aw, thanks for the suggestion and the encouraging words, Rachel ! We will be filming shorter classes in the future. Until then, I'm a fan of the "Rise and Shine" show with Alana. Or you can practice on of these 45 minute shows for a while, and then switch to your favorite closing postures. All the best and happy practicing, Dana Slamp
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