45 Minute Yoga Flows: Grounding Flow
Dana Slamp

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This was such a beautiful way to start my day. I loved the opportunity to practice postures that are not regularly taught, even if I am not ready for the full posture. I loved the bow rocking onto the side, and the shorter downward dog and wide malasana were very grounding and satisfying. Your singing at the end was utterly beautiful. Thank you Dana.
I’m with you, Ali!  It’s so good to mix it up, then stick with the new stuff for a while to see progress.  Fall is the perfect time of year for grounding too - thanks for sharing your experience. Warmly, Dana
Really lovely, engaging sequence, Dana. And what a lovely surprise at the end! You have a beautiful voice. Namaste!
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You’re so sweet, Kate. I’m glad you loved it - stay grounded! Warmly, Dana
Wow. This practice blew my mind. I needed something different and loved the challenging postures (still working up to many of them!) and the strong focus on the breath. I feel calm, stable, and malleable. This is definitely going in my favorites. Thank you!
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Dear Megan - Yay! I was so happy to read this.  I love the journey and the challenge too - please let me know how things
progress, and I sure hope it helps you stay grounded this season.  To your health, Dana
This is one of the most grounding practices I have done. Your beautiful voice and tone gives me a relaxation that is far better than most practices. Thank you so much 🙏🏻
Great to hear it Katya - Thanks for letting me know and for practicing with me!
What a beautiful practice! I liked the flow, the asanas and loved the inspiring story of Buddha and chanting. It is not often you can find a well integrated class.  I would like to see more of Dana. 
That's so kind of you to say - Thanks Gabriela!  Feel free to check out the other classes in this show if you like the integrated class approach & need some variety.  And I hope to "see" more of you too!  Warmly, D
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