Living the Yamas and Niyamas: Satya (Truth)
Robert Sidoti

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Michelle It's all about the mindset isn't it Michelle?! Did you nap? Some yoga practices can really send you off into nap or sleepy mode, such a good feeling, especially when we allow the time and space for it and not feel guilty for napping or resting ... rest = power and strength! Have a beautiful day wherever you are! 
Reb So happy you joined me/us here Reb! Agreed about the yamas and niyamas, they can at first glance seem very obvious, but when you dissect them a bit more and REALLY apply  them off the mat and in life, there's significant value and benefit in many ways :)) 
Sharon Thank you so much for your generous comment!! What stage are you in YTT? How are you feeling, lot's of shifts, goals to instruct and teach? I'm so happy you are able to connect with me here on Yoga Anytime, please keep me posted to how you're feeling along the way! 
Jenny Just wanted to make sure you know I think you're awesome and appreciate your positive enthusiastic comments here in these forums!! How are you? 
Dan My good friend Dan!! Here we are practicing together again! I know it's been quite the journey for you this past year and then some, super stoked I am a part of it, thanks for having me!  Looking forward to seeing you again this summer! 
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Thank you Robert for being you and sharing your truth! I really got into this one today and was perfect after a months hiatus due to an injury!
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Louisa welcome back to your mat! Those first few practices after a hiatus can teach us so much :)
Louisa ! Welcome back! Bummer about your injury, lot's to practice when we are injured and cannot do the things we typically enjoy or make us feel great - patience, kindness, trust and so much more :) Nice to 'see' you again and so happy you joined me here! 
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Best day ever .. thanks 
Pam !! I LOVE THIS COMMENT!! It IS the best day ever everyday! Thanks for practicing with me here and hope to ‘see’ you again soon! 
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