Active Recovery Yoga Challenge: Day 2: Neck and Shoulders
Lydia Zamorano

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That was wonderful after a full day of working.  I appreciated reminders of using those props and that sometimes 70% is what's called for rather than 110%.
Christel I live by those words. So wonderful you found some relief with this. All the best! 
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Thanks Lydia, I have a greater sense of ease and fluidity in my shoulders and neck. There have been a few technical issues with the video freezing ,  hope these can be rectified. Nevertheless, a beautiful  presentation and an enjoyable challenge. Namaste. 
Glenford Thank you so much for letting me know! We have had someone else have technical issues as well so I will let Ashley know and hopefully the video will be smoother next time. I'm so happy you found some release with these. Warmly, Lydia 
Hi there Glenford! I looked into it and made some adjustments on the back end for your account. It should be playing smoother now, but please do reach out via private message if you're still seeing issues.

Warmly, Ashley
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Thank you, Lydia! :)
This is exactly what I have been looking for Lydia. I shared with a few high-level athlete I do video work for and they are pretty excited to check it out.
This is what I needed
Lisa Happy! I love hearing from you. Thank you for commenting. Warmly, Lydia
Fantastic series so far! Thanks
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