20 Minute Yoga Flows: Centered Flow
Sarah Beston

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Beautifully paced routine which elongated and energised my core. I'm on holiday in sunny Queensland to celebrate my birthday and this, followed  by Rosemary Garrison's  meditation is the perfect start to another day in paradise.  Namaste. 
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Lovely practice thanks
Birthday Blessings, Glenford! That sounds like a beautiful way to spend your birthday and your holiday! Warmest wishes, Sarah
You're so welcome, Robin! Thanks for practicing with me!
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I have loved each and every one of this seasons practices. Thanks Sarah for the thoughtful compilations which have supported my presence in the practice. I have left the mat with more than when I arrived - mind and body more connected. 🙏 
Thanks so much for the note M Angela! I am so happy to hear that these practices supported you and am thrilled to be practicing together her. Warmly, Sarah
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Lovely flowing core routine to start the day and get my body energised. I could feel the energy under my feet. Strange sensation but soothing.  I always find something new  no matter how  many times I practice your routines. Namaste 
Good morning, Glenford! I love that about yoga — it always feels different every time I show up to my mat. Thank you, as always, for your insightful comment. Have a beautiful day, Sarah
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The hip opening practice is one of my favourite routines, it gently massages those sticky areas and leaves a warm glow. I've been emailing  the practice to my girlfriend who has hip and lower back problems. Spreading the love around.  Namaste. 
Glenford - thank you so much for spreading the love and I am so happy to hear! Wishing you a beautiful week! Namaste, Sarah
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