20 Minute Yoga Flows: Centered Flow
Sarah Beston

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Like Glenford , I am celebrating a birthday (61!) today with this lovely practice, Sarah! So sweet to find a core strengthening practice that is not totally overwhelming. This one is just perfect! I'll be back!!
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Happiest of Birthdays, Dearest Kate!! What an honor to be celebrating with you in some way here. I have a March birthday as well and just turned 40 a few weeks ago—new decade for me. Wishing you a beautiful rest of your special day. Warmest wishes, Sarah
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I loved this flow so much. It was exactly what I needed. Will definitely be taking this class again! Thank you!
Hi Katyayani—I'm so glad to here! Thanks for letting me know and so happy to be practicing together here.
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Thank you!!
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You're so welcome, Laura! Have a beautiful weekend, Sarah 
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Thank you Sarah Beston  what a wonderful practice to start off  my morning! This is my first week back into the office.  Since the pandemic!:) I will be back for more 
I am so happy to be practicing with you, Cheryl! I hope your time back at the office feels safe and you are staying healthy and happy. Warm regards from California!
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Wonderful teachings Sarah, thank you for this series
Thank you for joining and practicing with me here, Guillaume!
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