Keepin' it Real: Welcome Your Day
Robert Sidoti

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Hi Rob, I have done this one a couple times now , it’s a nice way to start the day, thanks !
Hey there Diane ! Thanks for letting me know you are here and practicing with me! 
A perfect stretch ... ;)
Stretching feels goooooood!! Glad you enjoyed Ch Marie d’I !! :)
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I love this practice in the morning, but it sure felt nice today at 4:30pm.  :))
Proof you can 'Welcome your day' at any time of the day Fabian :))
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thanks again  :))
You are most welcome my friend Fabian H !! 
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Robert, my first class with Yoga Anyyime (and hence, with you!). Great class for the morning....thoroughly enjoyed it!
Good morning Cindy B !! A big warm welcome from me and everyone here at Yoga Anytime!! I'm super happy your first experience was positive, thanks for introducing yourself and commenting, nice to know who's practicing with us :)) Hope to see you again soon! Best, Robert
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