60 Minute Yoga Flows: Full Body Tune-Up
Wade Gotwals

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Hi Wade. This is one of my favourite classes at Yoga Anytime, and I keep coming back. It's lovely and makes me feel so good afterwards. Thank you. Namaste. 
Hi Melissa its so great to hear from you & thank you so much for sharing with me and the forum! Actually that practice is one of my go to practices as well, just brings life to the whole body!
Carolyn thanks so much for joining the practice!
Wade that was a fantastic practice! I loved the supported crow pose. Never tried that before. I can usually only hold crow for a second or two so that variation felt incredible! Thanks so much!
Hi Chelsea Great to hear from you and so glad you got to experience crow, this is great! As you keep practicing the supported crow and work on pulling knees and heels up into the body you will find more strength!
Thank you so much once again! Is there a way I can search for your practices in Yoga Anytime App? You r my favorite!
HI Phoebe so glad you were will this flow and yes you just look up my name and you should be able to see the seasons...Otherwise here's the names of them...Sweet Heart Challenge, 45 minute Yoga Flows,  60 minute Yoga Flows, Joyful Flows...thanks for practicing with me!

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