Yin Yoga: Neck & Throat Release<br>Jeanne Korn

Yin Yoga: Neck & Throat Release
Jeanne Korn

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Sally D
Thank you so much. It is morning for me, but it helped release the morning stiffness. I feel ready to move through the day!
Hiya Sally, so glad you enjoyed this practice, yes I find the neck shoulder release series especially helpful during these challenging days,  enjoy the release!  
Enjoy your day and join me again soon, Sally:)  
Kelly Sunrose
This practice felt wonderful! Thank you Jeanne. 
Kindly, Kelly
Carolyn D
I really like this smooth gentle practice. I am 70 and trying to return to my practice. This really helped me
Carolyn, this is so good to hear,  yes ease your way back in to a sweet gentle journey!
Sandra Židan
Wonderful practice! Thanks, Jeanne!
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Thank you Sandra!  I'm so glad you enjoyed the practice!  I hope to "see you" on the mat again soon:) Jeanne 
Rosanna S
Wow, is this the perfect class for me! I hold so much tension in my neck and shoulders. This was a lovely release of stiffness this morning.
Hi Rosanna!
Oh I'm so glad this practice brought you relief.  And Thankyou for your beautiful feedback.
 I understand: I hold a lot of "information" (ha) in my neck and shoulders as well, so I love to integrate these releases into my practice!  Enjoy:) 
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