Vibrant Flow: Centered & Strong Flow
Rosemary Garrison

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Thank you, Catriona ! I wonder if you were able to access crow because of the ongoing focus on the bandhas and the inner lift? I love it when the energetics can lift us up! Be well. 
I hear you, Kate . I feel the same way sometimes. Thanks for the feedback. And so wise to pause and adapt as needed! Xxo
Thanks, Catherine ! So glad you enjoyed it and were able to access some of the transitions. I had to look up "cropper," so fun. I'm going to use that now! ; ) Be well. 
And thank you for sharing yours, Brian ! So glad you're continuing to flow with us. 
Welcome, Jennifer ! So glad you're with us. I look forward to hearing more of your experiences. Enjoy and be well. 
Thank you, Laura . I love magic- especially sweet feedback. : ) Be well. 
Ohhh, thank you, Katya ! That truly means so much. It's such a joy to share the practice... and to know that it's reaching you, especially on the energetic/ emotional level, is a gift. Enjoy and be well. Namaste.
Wow, Erika . I love hearing that! When a practice flies by for me, it usually means I'm totally lost in the flow. Makes me smile to know you had a similar experience. I appreciate you too. ; ) 
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Wonderfull practice!
Thanks Cris ! So glad you enjoyed it. Be well. 
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