The Yoga Show with Kira & Friends: Loose and Light-Hearted
Kira Sloane

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Ahhhhh! I caught this as a recording, but it was just what I needed at the time! Thanks SO much!
Diane, LOVE! so good to see you! xok
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That really was SO wonderful. I was debating doing an hour long practice.... busy, busy... yada, yada... This absolutely flipped my busy into a much more centered place. Thank you!
Rachel, hearing this makes me so happy! Yes, I know that busybusybusy so well... xoxoK
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watched way after the live hour, but wow, I sure loved it. i've been dealing with shoulder injury for over a year now and it's nice to take the sideways/back-door way in and sneak up on some opening with this soft, camouflaged approach... Miss you so much Kira. Just loved it. 
Elissa! I was just talking to you in my head as I walked down the Pratt Trail today! Missing you too! So glad this practice proved to be useful! oxok
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Just what the doctor ordered. Many Many thanks. That concept of tension as a form of holding is percolating deeply.  I’ve missed these teachings, Kira. What w beautiful return back to somewhere most needed.  
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Oh Meaghan S! So wonderful to see you! xoK
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