20 Minute Yoga Flows: Flow Like Water
Sarah Beston

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Hi Sarah, I loved it when you talked about how much movement there is in stillness. Yoga brings me to a place inside  me where I can pay attention to that still quiet voice of the divine.  Namaste.
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts and words, Glenford N! I will be listening inward for that voice during practice today. Warmly, Sarah
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Thank you for these wonderful short flows.  So great when your time is not allowing a longer practice. Namaste.
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So happy to be practicing with you again, Christel B! I’m glad to hear these shorter sequences are working for you!
Great practice! Thanks, Sarah! Namaste!
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Namaste, Sandra. Have a beautiful day!
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Lovely practice You are a great guide It's a joy to practice with you Thanks
Namaste Sarah ! Feeling the watering movement is so sweet!
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Loved this little flow, Sarah Beston !! 
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Beautiful  beginning of the day!Thank you!
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