On the Verge 10-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 4: Wonder
Sadia Bruce

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Lillian M I'm so very glad this practice has been helpful to you— and thrilled you're feeling lighter. Have a beautiful New Year.
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Really loved this theme. Improvised movement has become more and more something that I value deeply in my practice of yogāsana and bharatanatyam dance. We have to move in and out of the codified expressions of these embodied sadhanas. Each time I come back to the "classical" expression of a pose, it has been opened up - it becomes more able to hold the vital energy without constraining it. Love, love.
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Kate M, this is THE perfect explication of what I've been after, both as a teacher and a practitioner. Allowing our expressions and experiences of classical, often linear shapes— which are poetic in and of themselves— to be deepened and enlivened by the supple and spontaneous (also sublime). It's all pointing to embodied expression of who and how I wish to be in life: a walking collision of gravity and levity, ground and sky and all the rest... It's beginning to make sense, this Yoga! Sending much love and much, much appreciation for your presence and generosity here!  
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Sadia Bruce YESYESYES! 
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Elissa P Am not sure how I missed replying to this glorious comment, but I did! My apologies— I am no less gobsmacked by it than I was when I first encountered it! THANK YOU or sharing— what you describe is EXACTLY it… 
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Thank you Sadia, I loved this flow. Helped me prepare for transition from weekend mode to Monday morning "work mode" /corporate america. Loving this challenge!
Sue D Am so glad you enjoyed, and that it served you! Thrilled you’re here— let me know how the other practices feel!
I'm really enjoying this challenge; it carries me perfectly into my day with joy and happiness
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