Sukhdev Jackson (Yoga of the Body)

Sukhdev Jackson (Yoga of the Body)

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Zita V
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Thank you for this beautiful and amazing challenge. It was my very first time meeting with Kundalini yoga. I think I fell in love with it for life... :) 
Elizabeth M
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Zita Kundalini is truly unique, we're so glad it resonated with you. Thank you for sharing your experience! 🙏 
Cris L
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Wonderful challenge! It has been truly revitalizing! Thank you very much for sharing :)
Paula C
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I found a  grounding space in Kundalini. Its not my first practice but a first daily one. I am curious and motivated to learn more. Thank you 
Alex C
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How do you purchase this once the challenge is over? 
Kira Sloane
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Dearest Alex, thank you for asking. Currently all our shows are part of our monthly or annual subscription plan and not for individual sale. You can find more kundalini practices in the show, Kundalini rising. Thank you for being here.
Lebob P
Hi, thank you for the 7 day challenge I have completed it recently. Yes energetically I felt and still feel energized I would like to continue practicing with you. 
However, My lower back muscles have been aching ever since day 5. I thought perhaps it will get better after the 7th day but not. It’s 10 days after the challenge and I’m still sore... is it normal. It’s a Mild to moderate pain just where the kidneys are... I feel it when I bend, sit down and stand up... 

I’ll get it checked out by the doctor if nothing changes. I just wanted to check if it’s normal. 

Thanks again, I love Kundalini 
Kira Sloane
Lebob, we are so happy that you loved the challenge and glad that you are going to seek the advice of a trusted medical professional to ensure that nothing serious is going on in your back musculature or internal organs that might be causing the pain. 

It does seem unusual to still be sore, and yet the practices of Kundalini Yoga are quite demanding and intense.  You might find your way over to the Happy Back Show to see if you can find some relief.

You can continue your study with Sukhdev in her Season 1 of Kundalini Rising
Love, Kira @ Yoga Anytime
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kundalini is amaizing I wish you guys could have more sesions with these amaizing great teacher! I did de 15 days free cause I saw advertising in facebook about kundalini yoga, I had been in kundalini yoga  like 6 years ago and I remembered it was a great time! I stoped because I had some illness and now that Im better I encounter these great theacher, even its virtual are grate lessons! But the normal kundalini class is 1 hour and a half and it would be great If you guys more sesions with more kundalini traditional class------I know people maybe wont do it cause its more than "normal" time, but I think you will find more peolpe like me that would love to do it, or at least continuing more episodes at Kundalini rising show!! I would love to keep the membership with you!! Im running out ot episodes to watch!! :)
Kira Sloane
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ROSA, thank you so much for you suggestions and ideas! I am so happy your kundalini practice has been reignited! xo Kira
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