Our Practices with Yoga Anytime

Our Practices with Yoga Anytime

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We provided a mat, a quiet space, and 20 minutes to each of our teachers to use for their own personal practice. The results are magical. These brave teachers have let us witness them learning, listening, finding their own wa... (more)

Christel B
These are so special.  I just love watching them and gaining insights from them.  Thank you for sharing.
Linda Sparrowe
Christel! I am so glad you enjoyed them. Thank you for letting me know!
Alana Mitnick
Thank you for watching, Christel B! You're so right... this is a special glimpse into the personal practice of each teacher... in THAT specific moment in time. I love that we have a dedicate space like this for Yoga - the silence, stillness, movement, spontaneity, and mystery that unfolds when we have the freedom to practice. With love, Alana 
Emily Perry
I'm so glad they are resonating!! I love them, too... ❤️
Emily K. Benaron
Christel B Thank you for taking the time to watch our practices and share your kind thoughts :) 
Kira Sloane
Christel B, yes! This is a favorite of mine and so few people find it. xok
Ali Cramer
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Christel B thank you so much for sharing in these moments with us! So much said with no words at all…🙏🏽❤️
Kate Smith
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Christel B, thank YOU for taking the time to share these moments with us! Lovely to practice cosmically on such a personal level. Abounding love ...
Kristin Leal
Christel B thank you so much for being here and for your kind words! 
Nathan Briner
Christel B, I think it’s great that we can connect in a number of ways here on Yoga Anytime :)
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