Our Practices with Yoga Anytime

Our Practices with Yoga Anytime

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We provided a mat, a quiet space, and 20 minutes to each of our teachers to use for their own personal practice. The results are magical. These brave teachers have let us witness them learning, listening, finding their own wa... (more)

Arturo Peal
I love this practice mixtape!  I’m going to explore my way through the offerings. Thanks for putting this together!
Sarah Lowe
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Christel B totally agree! the updated version for me is a lot of child's pose and supported reclining poses 😎🙏
Eden Flynn
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Thank you Christel! What a special way to connect. Xo, Eden
Shelley Williams
Christel B So great to see your comment here! Aloha sister!! Thank you for continuing to connect and share the yoga love virtually... I know someday we will connect in Hawaii! Hugs and Aloha to you! 
Lydia Zamorano
Christel B Thank you for taking the time to see us. Warmth, Lydia 
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