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Jillian Pransky

Jillian Pransky

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Jillian Pransky is an international presenter and the author of Deep Listening: A Healing Practice to Calm Your Body, Clear Your Mind, and Open Your Heart. She is a Certified Yoga Therapist recognized by the International Association of Yoga Therapy, and lead retreats, yoga teacher trainings, and restorative workshops in person, and on Zoom for students all over the world.

Jillian offered a TEDx Talk on Metta Meditation, created and leads Yoga Journal's online course, Restorative Yoga 101 and is a featured yoga expert to magazines such as Prevention, Mindful, Yoga Journal, Yoga International, and more. She is a guest teacher at many renowned holistic learning centers including Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, 1440 Multiversity, the Omega Institute, Mohonk Mountain House, and Blue Spirit Retreat Center. Her Calm Body, Clear Mind DVD and Relaxmore CD have garnered excellent reviews from Dr. Mehmet Oz, Yoga Journal, and many others.

Jillian infuses her yoga classes with mindfulness practices, compassion, and ease, to attune the body, mind, and spirit to nature and inspire an integrative, holistic healing experience.

"What is most important to me — in my personal practice and my teaching — is the practice of Deep Listening: to cultivate the ability to pause, grow grounded, present, and open. To compassionately care for ourselves with whatever is going on inside or outside. When we practice in this way we are developing a relationship with ourselves that provides the strength and security we need most to navigate life from a place of mindfulness, wisdom, compassion, and authenticity.

To me, slowing down, turning inward, and deeply listening to our body and heart is perhaps the most meaningful form of self-care work we can do. When we are more compassionate and connected with ourselves, we are able to be more compassionate and connected with others and the world around us. In this way, our practice not only benefits us, it benefits everyone we are in relationship with, and everyone we come into contact with. This is truly why I practice, and why I offer the yoga teacher trainings, workshops, classes, retreats, and somatic healing experiences I do." - Jillian

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