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Season 1 - Episode 14

SOS: Heart Breath

1 min - Practice
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May your heart feel soft and your breath feel wide. Jillian guides us in a short breathing practice for when you are feeling gripped or anxious.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Sep 14, 2019
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This practice is here for you. When you feel gripped, your breath is short and you're a little anxious. Take your fingers, press them together so the collarbones broaden. Imagine nostrils on your chest center. As your breath comes in through the heart, let it soften your whole chest. As your breath leaves back out through the heart, feel your feet spread on the ground. Breath comes in and softens your chest. Exhale, let it carry tension out as your body lands on the earth. Inhale through the nostrils on the heart, chest expands. Exhale, all your weight to the ground. Hands to heart, may your heart feel soft and your breath feel wide.


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