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Discover Arm Balancing

Arm balances can be as challenging as they are fun. In this show, we explore creative and engaging ways to incrementally work our way into arm balances using props and other supportive preparatory poses, helping you feel what it's like to take weight on your hands and arms and fly, even before you are ready to take flight. Along the way, you will challenge your mind and your body, gain strength and flexibility, and, of course, have fun!

Season 1 - Making Friends with Side Plank

In Season 1, we explore variations of Side Plank, or Vasisthasana, through skillful, creative, alignment-based sequences. We move progressively to build strength, stability, resilience, and confidence, playing with dynamic poses like Fallen Triangle, Partridge, and Rockstar, as well as deeper backbends and therapeutic release techniques for your wrists and shoulders.

Season 2 - Bakasana & Family

This season, we gain confidence, strength, and a playful perspective on Bakasana and it’s variations. See what you can really do as we move through 8 progressive and empowering practices exploring weight shifts, supportive props, and familiar preparatory poses to help us approach, get comfortable with, and take off into this popular arm balance.  We play with inverting the pose, and visit techniques to release the wrists, strengthen the arms, shoulders, and core, and bring awareness into the role of the hips, hands, and feet.

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