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Quamay Sams

Quamay Sams


Quamay is a New York City based-movement artist and Vinyasa Yoga Instructor. His mission is to engage individuals in the study of self to heal trauma and strengthen the body by using the chakra system as a way to inform patterning and imbalance in energies.

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Quamay began his yoga journey in the summer of 2016. Using this practice he has used Yoga and Mindfulness to help aid his Mental Health and Developmental Trauma. With a deep passion for chakras, he had developed a strong love for the subtle energies of the body and strives to create a balance between movement and the mindfulness of spiritual meditation.

After receiving his 200- hour training certificate for Power Vinyasa, Quamay began teaching in his home of NYC. Following his passion for learning he had moved to the Bay Area in 2018 to pursue further education and opportunity for sharing his knowledge. Studying with his mentor Jason Crandell, he received his Advance 500-HR certification in 2020 and he continues to share his love of the practice through skillful sequencing and deep anatomical influence.

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