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Chakra Vinyasa Flows

The Chakras are powerful energetic centers in the body which can be harnessed as a roadmap to guide our physical practice. In this show, we flow through dynamic Vinyasa sequences to build strength, stability, and flexibility, and create balance energetically and physically.


Season 1 - Balancing the Primal Chakras

In Season 1 we focus on the “Primal Chakras” of the lower triangle - the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus chakras. Each sequence builds progressively to increase strength, stability, flexibility, and length, bringing focus to the subtle regions of the body, and creating balance energetically and physically. 

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Great first class with this instructor.  Its the perfect pace!! Loved it!
This has been such a lovely series! I have learned a ton from Quamay’s cues and his style of teaching is both relaxing and invigorating. 

Please tell me there are more classes coming… :)
Quamay thank you I am loving this series. The cues are excellent!!  I don't have to watch the screen I know exactly what you are teaching.  This enables me to dig deeper into my practice. Thank you!!

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