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Lara Estrada

Lara Estrada


Lara loves teaching dynamic vinyasa classes, emphasizing presence, mindfulness, and connection to spirit. She encourages everyone to seek fulfillment and joy in their Yoga practice, as well as in every aspect of their lives.

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Lara had always been curious about Yoga and eventually took her first class as part of a meditation course during her undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley. She continued to explore vinyasa classes as a method of connecting with her body and mind for physical fitness and spiritual well-being. With previous experience in athletics and dance, Lara particularly enjoyed the lyrical nature and technical aspects of vinyasa.

Shortly after completing her 200-hour teacher training through YogaWorks in Costa Mesa, Lara spent several months doing volunteer work and backpacking abroad throughout Thailand, Laos, Australia, Japan, and the Philippines. Upon returning from her travels, Lara decided to settle in Los Angeles. She started teaching yoga at studios, gyms, and with private clients.

Lara completed her 300-hour teacher training in the beautiful land of Bali through Mukti Yoga School. During this trip, she envisioned creating her own yoga studio. A couple of years later, in 2015, that wish came true. Lara is the owner of Yoga Bliss Yoga Studio in Los Angeles, where she teaches, offers teacher trainings, and hosts a staff of smart, curious, and dedicated Yoga instructors.

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